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Raptor Population Index Project: 2016 Analysis

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    Crewe, T., P. Taylor, D. Lepage, L. Goodrich, J. Brown, and J. Sodergren. The Raptor Population Index, 2016 Analysis Methods and Trend Results. Available at

    Brandes, D., D. Oleyar, S. Hoffman, and L. Goodrich. The Raptor Population Index, 2016 Regional Trend Summaries and Conservation Assessments. Available at

The 2016 RPI analysis effort includes a new set of population trend analyses containing information on 22 species of diurnal raptors, grouped into four regions (East, Central, West, and Gulf). This analysis forms the foundation of a new assessment of the status of migratory birds of prey in North America. Over 63 datasets were used, each consisting of 10 to 45 years of counts contributed by migration monitoring sites to

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