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Species Assessment:
White-tailed Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus)

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The 10-year migration count trends for White-tailed Hawks suggest stable populations as signaled by the one count site in the Gulf Region that recorded an average of 2,122 individuals in Corpus Christy, Texas. This count was statistically significantly stable during this span. Twenty-year count trends also reflect a stable population (Gulf Region: 2 stable). Winter survey data from the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) show increased 10-year trends within the Texas survey area with the annual percent change in population reported to be an increase of 3%. The White-tailed Hawk is a species of Least Concern, designated by IUCN red list. The species is vulnerable to removal or overgrazing of its nesting habitat because it requires shrubs or succulent vegetation for successful nesting. Human disturbance or persecution may also reduce nest success.

White-tailed Hawk<br>Photo by Fernando Sessegolo

Photo by Fernando Sessegolo

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